Family Guy.

The animation has gotten too good right?
They are using plates now?! What?!
Look at the old opening credits compared to now.
HMM. I miss old Family Guy. Is Archer back yet?

Better yet:

The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle...oh and friends.

Ayla K.


It's December?! What?!

How did it become December?
I'm happy to say that this means everyone is just a little more joyful this month.
Everyone a little nicer, every house a little brighter, and the idea of giving a little more peaceful.

It's only the beginning of the season, but some people have nothing year round, so this is just a month in which they hope for an extra blanket or jacket. There are such simple ways to help.

In other news, Einstein said some of my favorite quotes ever. So here is one for today.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.”

-Albert Einstein

With that being said. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I got to spend some time with my big hilarious family- and nothing recharges my soul, heart, and drive like quality time with my family.

Ayla K.


Ayla K.



I Googled my name because I wanted to make sure my blog came up, and interestingly enough, the fourth suggestion on the list was "Ayla Kell fat". Now I personally find that HILARIOUS. Anyone who can sit and point a finger at someone else who is wearing spandex on TV and dare to say anything about them- should themselves try wearing a leo 5 days a week. God forbid you be bloated or not look like a 12 year old boy. This society has made it so anyone and everyone can say anything they want about anyone without any repercussions. And I personally am sick of it.

Where did respect and responsibility go?
Better question, where did having a conscious and logical thinking go?

My show dresses me to be bigger because, if you have never seen a gymnast, they do have muscles. Not all of them are stick thin, mainly because of the huge power moves that they do. And this isn't just about the show.

Is it okay to say anything about anyone because it's online?
To hide behind the name "anonymous"?
I can laugh about it, but I know it hurts that someone who knows nothing about me would dare to say that.

I'm not anorexic, but I'm absolutely not fat. I'm healthy. And if you have a problem with it, please post a picture of yourself in spandex with your commentary next time.

It's time for people to own up, and realize that what you say makes society what it is. I do my absolute best not to talk badly about anyone. Especially someone I've never even spoken to.

Ayla K.


As some of you may, or may not know. I'm a huge fan of Radiohead.

Thom Yorke and I even share a birthday. Not that that makes me more of a fan, just makes me kinda a nerd for even reading his biography. Which the Wikipedia page & the Radiohead blog (Dead Air Space) are more engrossing than what should be a riveting book. But today being a gloomy week in LA, which always makes everyone think about life, pay a little more attention to the music they are listening to, and maybe even see colors a little brighter since the gray gives such a great background to every color... I'm starting a rant here.

The point of this was, hmm.
Oh right, it was mainly for me to say that I adore them.
I'm listening to OK Computer on vinyl, right after finishing the Eraser (not Radiohead, but Thom Yorke), and truly. They are geniuses.

Somehow it always seems to be the soundtrack to my life. It has a funny way of being the every-moment band. Maybe its the poetic lyrics, the haunting sound of his voice, the layers of progressions, the steady beat, or maybe that's exactly what music is supposed to be.

"Music - The one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend."-Ludwig van Beethoven

Oof, I think I had another point entirely.
But that's enough for today.
Time to flip the record.

Ayla K.


No good sandwich is neat.

Catching up on Fringe tonight.

I saw Social Network: Good movie. The crew scene was fantastic. The way it was shot gave me chills. Amazing screenplay, Aaron Sorkin. Jesse Eisenberg was quite fantastic. He did a wonderful job of having a brain so focused on one thing, its blinded by reason. As a person guilty of that on more than one occasion, feeling almost separated from a real social world and able to escape into the world of information known as the internet, I very much connected to how he played the part of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. Fincher did a great job, though the breath in the cold was a little over computer generated for my taste. But he always is a perfectionist. But all in all- I loved it. Plus great music through the whole movie.

Pictures from New Orleans SOON.
Promise. Work is just exceedingly busy right now.

Ayla K.




This is the last time I can say it.

Ayla K.



Today I would like to bring up music. And here are the choices for today:

Old music choice of the day: The Yardbirds.

New music choice of the day: XX.

Remixed music choice of the day: The Grey Album by DJ Dangermouse.

70's music choice of the day: Charlie Daniels Band (known for Devil went down to Georgia.)

Bluegrass music choice of the day: Patsy Cline.

Did I mention that my birthday is in 2 days?
I find myself staring up at 20, just wondering what could possibly be in store for me in this next year. I'll be at work almost all day, and I can't think of another place I would rather spend the day. And the scenes I'm shooting that day are hilarious. Perfect!

Ayla K.


New Orleans.

I just got back from NOLA, it was an amazing trip.
The city has so much heart and soul.
Not to mention: amazing. Food.

Back to work!
5: 30 AM call tomorrow.
But my new goal is to be just so appreciative of my wonderful opportunities that I don't get grumpy with our wonderful production staff & crew in the morning. Thank goodness for coffee.

We had a recent wedding in my family, therefore:
Congratulations to Suzannah & Holden!
I love you guys!

Ayla K.


I dislike-

Airplane advertising.
Any plane I see dragging a banner behind it, I shall do my best to avoid that company.
And that is a promise.
I'm not gonna ever get your product BECAUSE of the fact that you waste gasoline and the quality of air for what you think helps sales.
I shall do my best, but I can't see every single air advertisement.

Just saying.

Ayla K.


Imagine LA.

I love it. I can't stop thinking about this charity. Really.


Check it out.

Ayla K.



So we just wrapped Season 2A, I took the day off.
It felt good.

Today I'm inspired to: EAT.
Winner winner, fried chicken for dinner.

Ah the food ideas rolling around in my head.

"Art is a lie that makes us realize truth."- Pablo Picasso

Ayla K.



I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July. Had friends like family over, and did the old fashioned thing: Grill, Swim, Fireworks. Amazing. I made two cakes, a coconut shortcake with blueberry filling and coconut glaze with strawberries. And something I made up called the "Almond Joy" cake. Double chocolate cake with a coconut almond frosting.

Oh speaking of spandex, all new episode tonight. We go to France for an international competition. Prettty intense episode, so don't miss it!

Today, A little July 5th celebration, or just a happy Monday celebration with more friends! Ah what a beautiful day.

Ayla K.



Please don't miss an all new MIOBI tonight at 10 pm/9 c on ABC family.

Yeah, it's a big episode. Amazing weekend by the way.

Ayla K.


4 days.

4 days till the show premieres.
So excited and nervous.


Work has been so busy, life even busier. Just keep chugging along.
I just watched "Memphis Beat" with Jason Lee who I loved in "My Name is Earl", and I really liked the new show. Took a bunch of unexpected turns.


Ayla K.



Okay. So I just got home from the Xbox 360 Kinetic launch event.


So show up, do the carpet, feel as though I'm in WAY over my head looking around.
Saw the Lakers v. Celtic game was on so I watched the game- next to Billy Crystal.
Yeah, Billy Crystal.

Cut to: The Cirque du Soleil show was AMAZING. The Project Natal World premiere. The technology in the game, just everything. Blew my mind. The dancers, the lady walking upside down, the elephant they created, the turning box, the free food, the chocolate fountain...oh back to the game.

So, now the show is done, I'm heading out. Got one more strawberry in chocolate before leaving. Find my ticket for my car. I see I'm in line behind Rumor Willis, Michael Cera, and some other recognizable faces, so I'm feeling as though I should just stand back and wait with my mouth shut. WHEN: paparazzi across the street call "AYLA! AYLA KELL!" and I think they are calling someone else so I kinda put my head down. Again "AYLA, WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU ALL NIGHT!" They. Were. Waiting. For. Me. I ran across the street in the middle of downtown LA to talk to them and they were so nice. I've never had that happen before. I signed autographs, and then took pictures with them. They made my night. Of course, I get back and all the sudden my car was waiting. Hilarious!

That. Was an experience. The first time ever- I will never forget.

Ayla K.



This is my cousin, Camille Manybeads Tso.
She is an AWESOME chick, and is ridiculously talented.


Check it out!!

Ayla K.


When did June happen?

I know it's been a while, I've been terribly busy. Right now I'm watching the Lakers v. Celtics Playoff game number 4.

Now, I feel as though I should say this. Reality tv is awful. Do people watch it to make themselves feel better about themselves? Or is it just for pure noise and flashing colors/ fake cleavage? Well, I for one can't take it. We are getting closer and closer to watching Gladiators kill each other for entertainment. And then calling these people reality "stars" or celebrities? Nuh-uh. Let's call em what they are. Willing to prostitute themselves out to be famous.

On the flip side of that: I love Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, and Kobe Bryant.
This weekend is busy all the sudden.
Friends, friend's show, show with friends, friends, show.


Work and no play makes me... well a workaholic.

Ayla K.




There is a nice picture of the MIOBI girls and I!

It was a fun shoot, I hope you all enjoy!

Ayla K.



Today may have been one of the most traumatic days ever.
I took my two dogs to the vet for a routine checkup.

I walked outside with of both of them in their harnesses and on leashes.
My girldog, Kokomo, backed out of her harness and took of down the street in the middle of Culver City. She got hit by a car in the middle of the street and proceeded to keep running. I was screaming for someone to help me while running through the streets following her. But everyone just looked at me like I was crazy until I ran into two AMAZING guys who were as frantic about my lost baby as me. At this point I'm sobbing, out of breath, and still searching.

I was sure the time had come to just start searching for her body, traffic was too thick for her to survive especially since she had already been hit.

I got in my car and saw I had a missed call and a very nice man named Eric said my Kokomo had come up to his yard and was hiding right beside his gate. He was worried because she was bleeding and not taking water. I rushed over and got her back to the vet where all the other people there agreed that it was a miracle she even made it.

I could barely drive my car while I was looking for her because I was crying so hard.
But now I have my girl sitting next to me- and I couldn't have lived any other way.

Please everyone make sure you have your cell number on your dog tags.
I'm exhausted, drained, and so thrilled.

Work day tomorrow. 7 AM may kick my booty after today.

Ayla K.


Dylan G.


My best friend/brother/boy I grew up with.
He is amazing. A talented boy, dances like an insanely talltalltall Nureyev.&& I'm always happy to help promote him!

Read it! Become a fan on Facebook: Dylan Gutierrez!

Ayla K.

PS: Dyls I can't wait till you get back buddy! Text you tomorrow!


Hey everyone I'm in the Sophisticates Hairstyle's Guide!

Check it out!

Lemme know what you think!
Just training, no work tomorrow.
I needed it I've been pretty sickly.

Pictures soon I promise, things have just been so busy!

Ayla K.



It's been a while, I apologize.

Been a busy busy week.
Work and more work this week.
This Saturday I have baby shower at my house.
Sunday I got momma's day!

I ended up at Costco today.
No matter what you walk in for, you end up spending at least 3 times as much as you initially anticipated.

Learn some lines- then get to sleep!

Ayla K.


That's me!! I love it. Yes this was a legitimate Volleyball game.

Also, work at 6 am today, and 6 am again tomorrow.
Fun scenes tomorrow.

Gonna catch up on Brothers&Sisters while learning some lines.
I keep saying I'm out on this show, yet keep getting sucked back in.
Sally Field, you keep me watching.

Dinner: BBQ chicken, butternut squash puree, and mixed veggies. Successful!

Ayla K.



I want to see Disneynature's "Oceans" so badly.
It looks SO amazing, I loved "Earth".

Maybe I can fit it in this weekend.
Work Monday, until then- this couch is pretty comfortable.
Especially when I have "Why We Make Mistakes" in my hand.
It's quite an interesting book.
More soon.

Ayla K.



First day back up at work was great.
2:30 pm call for our first day back in the gym.
Spandex here I come!

It's always jarring the first time you put it on in a while.
But in no way is that stopping me from some Special K Chocolaty Delight.

Day 2 commence!

Ayla K.


Did a shoot with Teren Oddo today, it was amazing.
I can't wait to see the pictures!

First day of work tomorrow.
8:30 am call, gonna be great!
For tonight:
Going over lines, watch some Fringe, and making myself a little veggie scramble.

More tomorrow.

Ayla K.



So I'm going about my morning coffee addiction before heading out to the table read when I'm informed that MIOBI just got picked up in Russia.



T-3 days.

Ayla K.


T-4 days.

4 days till work starts up on Season 2 of MIOBI.

I'm so excited to get back into the gym.
We had training and a hair test today, so it was a good day.

I'm kinda hoping to see "How to Train Your Dragon" tonight.
Anyone seen it yet?

Beautiful day outside!

Ayla K.



Just another home improvement project.

That I had to take a few shots of.

Ayla K.


Happy Easter everyone!

A movie that should be seen by anyone who appreciates film:
It's a wonderful film starring Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn. Also in it Judy Holliday, Tom Ewell, Jean Hagen, and directed by George Cukor. Originally released in 1949.

One of the things I love the most is the long-shots they do. So much gorgeous acting in those shots without any cutting away. Spencer& Katherine had such amazing chemistry and were so natural which was so different for the day. Besides the fact that had an affair, they made one of my favorite movies ever.

I also went to a movie night at a friends this past weekend.
He played "Assault on Precinct 13" in 16 mm.
It's a John Carpenter film released in 1976.
A true classic of the 70's.

Great weekend. Good time with family.
Catching up on The Soup then sleep.
Got training in the morning.

Ayla K.



It's truly astounding that life mimics art and art mimics life.
This is a story that I find inspiring.


Shannon: you are amazing. Exactly like my character Payson, you had an awful accident with a miraculous ending. I hope all the best for you!

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life." - Oscar Wilde 1889

Sidenote: HGTV is way too addicting.

Ayla K.


Day two:

I just made strawberry pancakes for dinner. Wonderful decision, my local grown strawberries are beyond amazing.

Plus it was a little reward for day two of training.
I'm feeling it. I have such a huge appreciation for gymnasts and everything they do.

Jen Hansen:

Again- I just find it amazing that she I get to go to work, and see her do THAT.

I pity myself for when I try to wake up and walk in the morning.

Ayla K.


My first blog:

I have never blogged before- so this is new.

I'm an actress & a dancer.
I love my job right now, it gives me such a freedom to be artistic, working, and have time to research the world.
My plan is to use this to share whats going on in my world.
I hope people are interested!

Ayla K.