I'm pretty sure half of the world has already forgotten about it's resolutions for the New Year, but so far mine are integrating very well.

1. I want to live a more streamlined, clutter free life- Now, this seems like a big one. But it's pretty simple. Less...stuff. Less TV, Less clutter filling up my space, less spending on things that are wasteful, less time spent on my computer, less negative thinking & overall mental clutter.

2. I will keep myself in good health- I'm not promising to work out everyday, or saying I can eat less than 500 calories everyday...because that's just not reality. I vow that this will be a year I take care of myself, including going to bed at a more human bedtime versus my usual vampire insomnia.

3. Despite your fear, go for it- Everyone gets afraid of things, but sometimes that thrill of fear is really an anxious excitement. It's a new year, and the worst thing that could happen is getting to this day next year and realizing you didn't make anything of it.

Happy New Year!