I happen to be-

hosting a little party for the show being on.
I hope everyone is enjoying it!
I'm in the kitchen doing clean-up, so much good food!

Wait, there is still an angel food cake AND a chocolate cake.
Oh this is good news.

Let me know what you think!!

Ayla K.



Start airing on March 28th at 9 pm!



Please help to get my Grandfather the Congressional Medal of Honor that he deserves.

Click here to sign the petition!

He was a World War II HERO and deserves to be awarded.

I love you, Gpa.
Thank you everyone who helps!

Ayla K.


"Exit Through the Gift Shop"

Oh what an interesting movie.
I have so many theories on it.

But, in related news.


Yes, MBW, you are a thief. I'm all for interpertations on art, but don't just make a stencil that copies almost exactly Banksy's style. Yes, Banksy has style. Mr. Brainwash has cut, copy, paste, print, spray.

But just like in "Exit Through the Gift Shop", I guess the joke is on you if there is a joke. And if you can do it, anyone can I guess.

Street art is it's own world. Stay special and unique, world.
I love & care about you, you giant ball of dirt capable of supporting our life forms.
Good work!

Ayla K.