Please don't miss an all new MIOBI tonight at 10 pm/9 c on ABC family.

Yeah, it's a big episode. Amazing weekend by the way.

Ayla K.


4 days.

4 days till the show premieres.
So excited and nervous.


Work has been so busy, life even busier. Just keep chugging along.
I just watched "Memphis Beat" with Jason Lee who I loved in "My Name is Earl", and I really liked the new show. Took a bunch of unexpected turns.


Ayla K.



Okay. So I just got home from the Xbox 360 Kinetic launch event.


So show up, do the carpet, feel as though I'm in WAY over my head looking around.
Saw the Lakers v. Celtic game was on so I watched the game- next to Billy Crystal.
Yeah, Billy Crystal.

Cut to: The Cirque du Soleil show was AMAZING. The Project Natal World premiere. The technology in the game, just everything. Blew my mind. The dancers, the lady walking upside down, the elephant they created, the turning box, the free food, the chocolate fountain...oh back to the game.

So, now the show is done, I'm heading out. Got one more strawberry in chocolate before leaving. Find my ticket for my car. I see I'm in line behind Rumor Willis, Michael Cera, and some other recognizable faces, so I'm feeling as though I should just stand back and wait with my mouth shut. WHEN: paparazzi across the street call "AYLA! AYLA KELL!" and I think they are calling someone else so I kinda put my head down. Again "AYLA, WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU ALL NIGHT!" They. Were. Waiting. For. Me. I ran across the street in the middle of downtown LA to talk to them and they were so nice. I've never had that happen before. I signed autographs, and then took pictures with them. They made my night. Of course, I get back and all the sudden my car was waiting. Hilarious!

That. Was an experience. The first time ever- I will never forget.

Ayla K.



This is my cousin, Camille Manybeads Tso.
She is an AWESOME chick, and is ridiculously talented.


Check it out!!

Ayla K.


When did June happen?

I know it's been a while, I've been terribly busy. Right now I'm watching the Lakers v. Celtics Playoff game number 4.

Now, I feel as though I should say this. Reality tv is awful. Do people watch it to make themselves feel better about themselves? Or is it just for pure noise and flashing colors/ fake cleavage? Well, I for one can't take it. We are getting closer and closer to watching Gladiators kill each other for entertainment. And then calling these people reality "stars" or celebrities? Nuh-uh. Let's call em what they are. Willing to prostitute themselves out to be famous.

On the flip side of that: I love Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, and Kobe Bryant.
This weekend is busy all the sudden.
Friends, friend's show, show with friends, friends, show.


Work and no play makes me... well a workaholic.

Ayla K.