I'm pretty sure half of the world has already forgotten about it's resolutions for the New Year, but so far mine are integrating very well.

1. I want to live a more streamlined, clutter free life- Now, this seems like a big one. But it's pretty simple. Less...stuff. Less TV, Less clutter filling up my space, less spending on things that are wasteful, less time spent on my computer, less negative thinking & overall mental clutter.

2. I will keep myself in good health- I'm not promising to work out everyday, or saying I can eat less than 500 calories everyday...because that's just not reality. I vow that this will be a year I take care of myself, including going to bed at a more human bedtime versus my usual vampire insomnia.

3. Despite your fear, go for it- Everyone gets afraid of things, but sometimes that thrill of fear is really an anxious excitement. It's a new year, and the worst thing that could happen is getting to this day next year and realizing you didn't make anything of it.

Happy New Year!



Los Angeles Adventures

It's December!
I had a friend in from out of town, so we did some adventuring around Los Angeles, CA.
Here are some photos from our journey!

For the full album, check it out here:



Halloween 2013

Ahh, it's fall again! Scarves, beanies, sweaters, & my favorite...BOOTS BOOTS BOOTS!
There's one thing that always marks the beginning of fall to me, so here it is!
Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch. Through the Polaroid lens.

And then, my favorite part...Carving the pumpkins!!!
The first two are mine, the third is Matthias' art.


Is it bad that I want to carve another pumpkin immediately? 

Ayla K


It's been a hot minute, but now that I've gotten Twitter down a little bit better, and am semi caught up on facebook. I think I can go back to having 3 websites to run. Hey, maybe I'll even open up an Etsy store for some of my awesome finds and crafts I make. Thoughts on that? Would people be interested in that? ox, Ayla K.


Cream Cheese Wontons

It was one of those nights. My mom said she wanted to make steak & broccoli stir fry since we recently got a wok again. I was on the appetizer, and made cream cheese wontons!

Neufchatel cheese, (1/3 less fat than cream cheese, but essentially the same, just a little more creamy so it holds up to the quick fry.) green onions, a little chili powder, wrap the triangle up with a little water on the edges, and press them down with a fork. Drop them into oil for a minute, flip em, and pull em before you burn them!! So delicious.

Ayla K.

Apple Bake!

I had some family over for the Make it or Break it premiere this past Monday! Here are some pics from the Apple Bake I made.

I made some dough, halved an apple, filled it some sugar, raisins, and a little butter, wrapped the half in the dough, brushed it with egg and did some cinnamon & sugar on top. Then some vanilla ice cream, and I made a cider caramel from apple cider, water, sugar, and cinnamon. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

Oh...and my puppies. My girl dog is the black one, Kokomo after the Beach Boys song. And the boy is redish, his name is Freak (short for Afrika which is a mix between where they are from Africa and him being such a goon dog.)

Hope everyone enjoyed the premiere of MIOBI!
New post soon.

Ayla K.

To Thine Own Self Be True.


The Valentine's Day Card

That I drew for D.
Sorry it took so long, but I like it.

Ayla K.