I Googled my name because I wanted to make sure my blog came up, and interestingly enough, the fourth suggestion on the list was "Ayla Kell fat". Now I personally find that HILARIOUS. Anyone who can sit and point a finger at someone else who is wearing spandex on TV and dare to say anything about them- should themselves try wearing a leo 5 days a week. God forbid you be bloated or not look like a 12 year old boy. This society has made it so anyone and everyone can say anything they want about anyone without any repercussions. And I personally am sick of it.

Where did respect and responsibility go?
Better question, where did having a conscious and logical thinking go?

My show dresses me to be bigger because, if you have never seen a gymnast, they do have muscles. Not all of them are stick thin, mainly because of the huge power moves that they do. And this isn't just about the show.

Is it okay to say anything about anyone because it's online?
To hide behind the name "anonymous"?
I can laugh about it, but I know it hurts that someone who knows nothing about me would dare to say that.

I'm not anorexic, but I'm absolutely not fat. I'm healthy. And if you have a problem with it, please post a picture of yourself in spandex with your commentary next time.

It's time for people to own up, and realize that what you say makes society what it is. I do my absolute best not to talk badly about anyone. Especially someone I've never even spoken to.

Ayla K.


As some of you may, or may not know. I'm a huge fan of Radiohead.

Thom Yorke and I even share a birthday. Not that that makes me more of a fan, just makes me kinda a nerd for even reading his biography. Which the Wikipedia page & the Radiohead blog (Dead Air Space) are more engrossing than what should be a riveting book. But today being a gloomy week in LA, which always makes everyone think about life, pay a little more attention to the music they are listening to, and maybe even see colors a little brighter since the gray gives such a great background to every color... I'm starting a rant here.

The point of this was, hmm.
Oh right, it was mainly for me to say that I adore them.
I'm listening to OK Computer on vinyl, right after finishing the Eraser (not Radiohead, but Thom Yorke), and truly. They are geniuses.

Somehow it always seems to be the soundtrack to my life. It has a funny way of being the every-moment band. Maybe its the poetic lyrics, the haunting sound of his voice, the layers of progressions, the steady beat, or maybe that's exactly what music is supposed to be.

"Music - The one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend."-Ludwig van Beethoven

Oof, I think I had another point entirely.
But that's enough for today.
Time to flip the record.

Ayla K.


No good sandwich is neat.

Catching up on Fringe tonight.

I saw Social Network: Good movie. The crew scene was fantastic. The way it was shot gave me chills. Amazing screenplay, Aaron Sorkin. Jesse Eisenberg was quite fantastic. He did a wonderful job of having a brain so focused on one thing, its blinded by reason. As a person guilty of that on more than one occasion, feeling almost separated from a real social world and able to escape into the world of information known as the internet, I very much connected to how he played the part of Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook. Fincher did a great job, though the breath in the cold was a little over computer generated for my taste. But he always is a perfectionist. But all in all- I loved it. Plus great music through the whole movie.

Pictures from New Orleans SOON.
Promise. Work is just exceedingly busy right now.

Ayla K.




This is the last time I can say it.

Ayla K.



Today I would like to bring up music. And here are the choices for today:

Old music choice of the day: The Yardbirds.

New music choice of the day: XX.

Remixed music choice of the day: The Grey Album by DJ Dangermouse.

70's music choice of the day: Charlie Daniels Band (known for Devil went down to Georgia.)

Bluegrass music choice of the day: Patsy Cline.

Did I mention that my birthday is in 2 days?
I find myself staring up at 20, just wondering what could possibly be in store for me in this next year. I'll be at work almost all day, and I can't think of another place I would rather spend the day. And the scenes I'm shooting that day are hilarious. Perfect!

Ayla K.