I Googled my name because I wanted to make sure my blog came up, and interestingly enough, the fourth suggestion on the list was "Ayla Kell fat". Now I personally find that HILARIOUS. Anyone who can sit and point a finger at someone else who is wearing spandex on TV and dare to say anything about them- should themselves try wearing a leo 5 days a week. God forbid you be bloated or not look like a 12 year old boy. This society has made it so anyone and everyone can say anything they want about anyone without any repercussions. And I personally am sick of it.

Where did respect and responsibility go?
Better question, where did having a conscious and logical thinking go?

My show dresses me to be bigger because, if you have never seen a gymnast, they do have muscles. Not all of them are stick thin, mainly because of the huge power moves that they do. And this isn't just about the show.

Is it okay to say anything about anyone because it's online?
To hide behind the name "anonymous"?
I can laugh about it, but I know it hurts that someone who knows nothing about me would dare to say that.

I'm not anorexic, but I'm absolutely not fat. I'm healthy. And if you have a problem with it, please post a picture of yourself in spandex with your commentary next time.

It's time for people to own up, and realize that what you say makes society what it is. I do my absolute best not to talk badly about anyone. Especially someone I've never even spoken to.

Ayla K.


  1. Hey! People like that are jealous teenagers. It is really sad but don't let people get you down. I know being on television alot of the actors look themselves up and its hard because there are alot of dumb people out there. Take what they say as a grain of salt. Don't let them get to you, because they only do that people they are trying to make themselves feel better. Its really sad, anyway keep up the good work! And as the newspaper man who comes into my work always says keep smiling it makes the world a better place.


  2. I wouldn't take anything to heart in the business that you are in. Obviously whoever you speak of, doesn't know anything about gymnastics - common sense, a gymnast would be muscular - not fat, muscle.

    -Sarah O.

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  4. Can I say that I totally agree? Leotards show everything, plus are very uncomfortable to wear! I love your show and love your character on the show! It has been amazing watching a show that I could relate to, though I never got to that level of gymnastics! But I really do love the show and find it refreshing that you guys look healthy instead of stick thin! So keep up the great work!

  5. AMEN AMEN a thousand times AMEN!

    Honey if you are "fat" the rest of us don't stand a chance, in a leo, in street clothes, on a red carpet!

    don't let the haters get ya down!

    Love ya!

  6. oh and btw when you search via Yahoo your 6th suggestion is Stunning Ayla Kell take that google! :-)

  7. I'm not even sure this is *real* but if it is I have the following to say.

    Freedom of speech is fine as you said and of course there is nothing more pathetic than being offensive and hiding. We just got to live with it, I am however lucky enough not to be famous or popular so nothing like this happens to me. Thus I cannot comment on how it actually feels!

    As for your body type, I watched Make it or Break it (don't tell my friends or they will laugh :D) and thought, out of the girls, you were the best looking, both body and face. Now that's only from what I seen on TV but you seem to keep consistent throughout your photos. And FYI, if I call someone beautiful/Hot then you should believe it because I am as shallow as they come.

  8. My name is Sarah Griffiths and I am saying you are not fat. You are far from it. You look amazing.

    I'm glad that you can laugh it off, because it is how you feel not what others think. As mentioned before, it's people being jealous. The thing that grinds my gears is that instead of being jealous, people should praise and aspire to achieve the same or similar results. I bet there are thousands of girls around the world who can relate to you and your character.

    Your character looks the most normal out of everyone. In episode one, we saw Lauren in the toilet vomitting up her "breakfast biscuits" which is obviously bad. And then Kaylie dealing with Anorexia. And luckily, you have amazing writers who created a story to help her overcome it.

    PS. How old were you when you were in Malcolm In The Middle? That's my all time favourite episode, Dewey's classmates are awesome lol

  9. Speaking from the point of view of an actress, and a dancer......I have nothing to say because I am neither. Haha. Just a theatrical actress. But, you are not fat at all.

  10. You're beautiful , don't let others hurt you! I'm so glad you feel comfortable with your body and you're a great role model !
    I'm a big fan of yours,your work in miobi and your leotards! LOL !

    You're AWESOME Ayla!

  11. Listen, you are NOT FAT at all. I love MIOBI and your character. I think you are by far the most attractive one on the show and don't ever let the downers get to you.

  12. Good for you for writing that entry. Society as a whole makes me terribly sad. We build people up, just to tear them down, we cast judgement on others while making excuses for ourselves, and all the while we'll sit and wonder why the world is the way it is.

    I know it may mean very little from someone who knows very little about you, but please do not give a second thought to those comments. You are a strong, beautiful girl who is not afraid to put herself out there and truly represent what 'strong' and 'beautiful' really mean. And for that I thank you.

    For what it is worth, you have brought a smile to more than one of my days, either through your show, or through interviews I've seen (you are hilarious by the way!) and despite what a negative place it can be, you have brought so many positive things to the world. Always remember that.

    Sorry for the little rant, but I wanted to use the Internet for good, rather than evil :)

    Take care,


  13. You have a great attitude. People in the business are put under a microscope, and it can get really mean sometimes. You are beautiful inside and out and you have a good head on your shoulders. Don't let them get you down.

  14. Ayla you are beautiful and people who say those things are jealous. And props for you for not being afraid to say what you think about it. If more people weren't afraid to stand up for themselves in this respect we might not have so many young kids facing eating disorders in our country.

  15. Ayla,
    dont let anonymous opinions annoy you. That person is probably jealous of your body, and it is, with all the respect, beatiful. You are gorgeous and awesome actress. I think that all of you, from the show, are good performers, but i like the show mostly because of you playing Payson. I like your acting because you put your heart on it and you are perfect as payson, when she is sad, when she is happy, that feeling coming from you is so contagious.

    I'd like that you read that comentary keeping in mind that im guy from Brazil of your age, not a silly little kid that thinks that your awesome just because your pretty (and by the way, you are). Dont let this people ruin your day with that kind of comment.

  16. Thanks for sharing what you did. It is ridiculous how obsessed we all are with body image. Thanks for being honest. You are (obviously) beautiful and healthy - and a great role model for younger girls.

  17. Amen. Thank you for being healthy and rational!

    Oh, and I'd like to see those disrespectful people just try and dance like you do...

    Just saying. ;)

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  19. Don't care about scuttlebutts~
    You are strikingly beautiful and slender^^

  20. Powerful words and I completely agree! I'm very inspired by you and your ability to walk and move with such confidence in something that looks completely uncomfortable.

    I'd also love to see those "anonymous" people dance like you do ;)

  21. Ayla,
    To start with, I'm sorry if there are mistakes in my comment but I'm not fluent in English.

    "Ayla Kell fat" : I would never have believed that I will see the word "fat" next to your name.
    This is insane ! You're not fat ! You're beautiful and healthy !

    I totally agree with this comment "More young actresses should be looking up to YOU than to the scary-skinny types."
    I never understand why peoples wants look like a skeleton. That's just not a really attractive look.
    Ayla, you look amazing.

    Ignore them haters Ayla, you are so gorgeous and you are my role model.
    Really, I consider you like one of the most beautiful women in the world (the other is Dianna Agron) in my heart.

    If I like "Make It or Break It" it's mostly because of you and the character of Payson.
    When I start the show I immediately find that you were the best body. You are by far the most attractive one on the show.
    And thanks to you I can relate to you and your character, cause I'm all normal sized as well.
    You feel comfortable with your body and it's the main thing.

    In addition to be beautiful, you are woman with a big heart. Most important you're not like all this young actress. You're special and unique.

    I think that WE should post a picture of ourselves in leotards to support Ayla.
    I'm a boy with few kilos overweight, but I have not ashamed of my body.
    We don't stand a chance in a leotards compare to Ayla, but if necessary to do that, well I'm ready to buy one.

    Take care, Ayla !
    Kisses from Paris.


  22. Hey Ayla! I'm a huge fan of yours! And I agree 100%! I too was surprised when I googled your name and saw, "Ayla Kell fat." I'm so happy that you are confident in yourself and happy with your body. You are definitely NOT fat! I would give anything to have a body and face like yours :) Girls should look up to you! Anyways, take care and continue being the amazing person that you are.
    Much love,
    ~Carol :)

  23. Ayla, we need more healthy role modela like you. I think you look awesome.

  24. I can't say anything more than what everyone else has said here, so I'll echo their sentiments. You are so not fat. I WISH I had a flat tummy like yours. And you're definitely super pretty. I hope you didn't let that web site get you down too much, because seriously? They're not worth it.

  25. Hi Ayla. Your workout and prep for the show plus your actual gymnastic routines (sans your body double) add up to a very vicious exercise. And no one going through that exercise is FAT. You look athletic, healthy and always glowing. Your beauty is not something people just forget easily. And it's great that you represent a healthy body image.

    I am a big fan and I'm currently pushing myself harder in my workouts so my body could look like yours. Stay strong and true. I really look up to you. :)

    Love you heaps.

  26. Ayla, your character in MIOBI made me crazy about gymnastics. I wish I were younger and could do it. You have amazing body! Don't pay attention to that jelous people!

  27. Ayla u a great actor and i like yuu,
    yuu so amazing and u look sweet and adorable and yuu are very beautful - i love yuu :3
    make it or break it has become my fav show its good and yuu wer amazing. Don't listen to sily comments there nuts pple here on the net so just ignore them, its hard i noe but don't let them get u down.
    yuu are amazing and keep on shining.
    love yuu
    Stacy :D

  28. Who or what were you dressing up as for Halloween ?

    Kisses from Paris.


  29. halloween is over, speaking of that; i hate the little trick or treaters there were just knocking on my front door all night :/ LOL

  30. You are GORGEOUS! Don't let anyone hurt you cause you look amazing! Kisses from Serbia <3

  31. oh,God! I don`t believe, that I can write to you. I`m from Russia, Moscow. I wanna to say, that your acting is awesome. As more i see you and other girls from "Make It or Break It" as more i mourn of myself, becouse i really wanted to be in a big sport.
    It`s great, that You`re confident in yourself and don`t waste time for stupid panics)
    Don`t forget, that there are a lot of your fans in Russia. And sorry if I did any mistakes( actually english isn`t my native language)
    with love, Vera:)

  32. So sorry to hear that people are saying negative things about you on the internet. We've got to remember the episode of "Make It Or Break It" where Emily gets obsessed with all the negative stuff about her on the internet. I'm glad you are strong enough and love yourself enough not to let it get to you. You're a beautiful woman. I just wanted to say that you are not fat, but fat can be beautiful too. All bodies, all shapes and all sizes are beautiful <3

  33. Ayla I would love to have a body as beautiful as yours. You are beautiful and blessed -- don't let the haters get to you. And try not to google yourself. In this business all it does is bring you down because society is pretty screwed up - behind the guise of the Internet people will say and do the worst things imaginable. Just keep smiling and don't let Hollywood pressure change the healthy sweet girl that you are. It almost ruined me. Don't let that happen to you.

  34. You are very beautiful. Yes, I never communicated with you, but it so. This my impression about you. Also don't take to heart any mucks which write to you.

  35. Ayla,
    Today I had the blues cause my body, I'm feeling “fat”.
    So I thought at a sentence that you wrote :

    ‘I'm not anorexic, but I'm absolutely not fat. I'm healthy.’

    And thanks to you, things are looking up.
    You're a great role model !
    You're AWESOME Ayla!
    I'm so glad I feel comfortable with my body.

    Take care, Ayla !
    Kisses from Paris.


  36. You tell 'em! I agree 100%. It seems people have gotten to where they believe that because they're behind a computer screen, rather than looking the person in the eye, that they can say whatever they want without having to worry about manners or common courtesy. People need to stop and think about the things they say/type before they say them. No, they aren't looking the person in the face when saying such things, but that doesn't mean that the person on the other side of the computer screen, the one reading such words, can't be hurt by them regardless.

    I applaud you for speaking out about this, Ayla. I just found your blog a few minutes ago and was pleasantly surprised to find such inspiring writing on it. I already respected you as a beautiful, talented actress and dancer from a show I happen to love. Now, however, I respect you as a person, too. It's always nice to find that someone you admire is actually worthy of that admiration. :)

  37. I can totally relate to your character, Payson. Even though I didn't have an injury, I quit gymnastics because an annoying coach that kept calling me fat (leotards do make legs look fat, by the way), but now I'm hoping I can start again, because I absolutely LOVE GYMNASTICS!!
    I wish I was strong like you, and didn't let her get to me, because I miss gymnastics so much.

    Thanks from VENEZUELA,

  38. Hi I'm jess

    Well I've just found this page randomly & have never posted anything on any1 blogs b4 but felt so enraged that I've been searching how to for about 40 minutes as I am disgusted that you have to read that about yourself, it show how cruel & disrispectful some people can be.

    I used to be a gymnast many moons ago & was a strong powerful looking athlete but was never described as fat & ur much smaller than I ever was, & u certainly don't look fat. I really hope you didn't take offense to this & it's those idiots who write that utter garbage that cause so many young girls so much pain

    anyway rant over & I truly hope this hasn't bothered u, i would like to give those idiots a piece of my mind

  39. Hi Ayla, I just started watching MIOBI S1 on Hulu and I love it!!! I just found your blog and then I saw this post.

    I think it's awful that actresses and athletes (and all women) are held to such impossible standards of thinness. One of the reasons that I've been so taken with MIOBI is the power and athleticism on display from both the main cast and the stunt doubles - and that power comes from muscles, not skin and bones.

    Anyways, you have a new fan and like the others who commented here, I think you're absolutely gorgeous. :)

    You might be interested in this piece I wrote about how Hollywood is exporting its unhealthy superthin body standard to Bollywood:


  40. Ayla,

    Please don't take any notice of the people calling you fat. You might find it interesting to know that compared to real elite gymnasts, yourself and Cassie Scerbo have the body types that are closest to elite gymnasts (neither of you display the exaggerated lat/pec development, but that takes years to get, so). I won't link you to images, but you can google them for yourself!

    I think that there isn't enough acceptance within society that more than one body type is beautiful. I also think we should base beauty more on health.

    Anyrate, I commiserate. Whenever I go to a new doctor, they weigh me and tell me that I'm overweight. When I point out that I run 5-10km a day and I have 15% bodyfat (I'm female), they revise their estimates and talk about over-exercising! I have huge ribcage and very broad shoulders and I put on slabs of muscle easily. I can't do anything about my basic build, all I can do is ensure that I'm healthy, fit and strong.

    You're a very beautiful young woman. Revel in the fact that you are healthy and ignore anyone who wants to judge you on a different standard.

  41. Ayla is pure muscles.. beautiful body.. so strong.. so shaped..

  42. I don't know if you will have the time to read this, given that you are a star, and must be real busy etc, but hey, I think you are awesome. I know you must be pissed like I am that anyone would ever say something negative about you, but if you remember that episode about Emily Kmetko fussing about criticism,you'd know that you do have loads of fans who thinks you are simply amazing and also think that you have an amazing body.( I watch MIOBI just to see you ).

    Your number 1 fan from Mauritius,
    Love you Payson Keeler. Go win the gold.

    P.S:- Why did you kiss Sasha ? Yuk! he's way old.lol

  43. I totally agree with you. People complain about society (when they are the butt of jokes), but they act just that way.
    BTW, if they expect to see elite gymnasts built like elite gymnasts, I can advise them a GREAT website named "Youtube". That's what I do when I wanna watch champs. But when I wanna watch a series or a movie about gym, I know I won't see Nadia Comaneci.

    And, to those who think you're fat: if she were fat she wouldn't be casted in the role of an elite gymnast =D SO THERE.

  44. To add here, Payson–Ayla Kell–is NOT fat.

  45. sorry i am late to the party. i am catching up on my DVR this weekend and was shocked when i also googled and the word fat came up. i honestly couldn't believe it. never even crossed my mind.

    1. she isnt fat.
    2. she is wearing next to nothing for most of the show. i dare to think what most people look like in a swimsuit.
    3. do people really expect all girls to be 85 pounds.
    and 4...

    i gotta see if someone takes down this lauren tanner!!!

  46. Hi Ayla
    I would like to say that you are truly an inspiration. The mature way you have addressed these hurtful opinions in your blog shows that you truly shine within as well as outside.

    As a 40 year old plus sized businesswoman it never ceases to amaze me the shallow comments that people can make. I recently entered a "Bachelorette" competition for something fun to do and heard that someone said that I was "too fat and ugly to win". Hang them, I still have stayed in the competition.
    Famous people are still people who have the same emotions that we all do. They have lives to love and live! What gives these people license to put their negative comments all over the net?

    You are not fat! You have a healthy,fit and fantastic body which is a testament to the many hours daily and years of hard work you put in. Any woman would kill to have the body you have.
    I also defy any of those knockers to do a side split.
    I am an aunt to a 13 year old girl who always tries hard and yet is larger than society would want her to be. I always encourage her to stay positive, have courage and show that beauty comes from within.
    I am so glad that a truly wonderful role model like you is using her position to take a positive stance.
    Love your performances and may all your hopes and dreams come true.
    Sharon H.

  47. I think your phat but in a good way, you want to see fat. I am a 200lb shaggy bear, let me put on a leotard and see who looks fat..

  48. I saw comments like that, and it makes me want to punch my computer screen. You' re IN NO WAY fat. You are healthy and have a normal weight. You are a perfect example to young girls and society has been putting the wrong example which leads to girls my age (I'm 15) to starve themselves because they don't look like how society "wants" them to look like. You are such an inspiration to me. Don't ever change who you are.

    And by the way, if you're fat, then I don't know what I am.

  49. You are beautiful and have the body of a woman not a girl. Never let anyones comment put you down or get you wondering. You are lovely and strong and an amazing actress! If you're what 'fat' looks like then I think everyone would love to be 'fat' because everyone will look great! :) Right now I am re watching both MIOBI seasons again before I start season 3 :) Amazing show with amazing actors <3

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  51. Was browsing for a good post of yours to comment on-- figure the best one is the one where you google yourself! Honestly I'm not going to comment on the fat thing-- I think that speaks for itself. Ick. (also, leotards are seriously the least flattering things ever)
    So in unrelated news, just wanted to say your ballet technique is amazing to watch! I've been catching up on MIOBI on netflix and I had had a feeling you were a trained dancer-- I know nothing about gymnastics but my background is all ballet...and you know how you can see it, even in a walk. Anyway, so I just got to the ep where you perform Swan Lake-- definitely no stunt double there! It's refreshing to see that Payson gets played by someone with real grace and technique. Makes me love your character even more! Looking forward to seeing more! So that led to me googling you and, voila! I hope you're still dancing, you're very talented, and I love what that brings to MIOBI.

  52. Was surprised to see fat listing in the search bar, stick thin is gross. Real women have curves.

  53. You are incredibly gorgeous and I'm so proud of you for standing up for yourself and for every girl who struggles with unkind and ignorant criticisms such as the ones you have received. Don't let anyone EVER tell you you're not good enough, and never take to heart anything someone says behind an anonymous user name. You are incredible and beautiful and that's all there is to it. Thanks for everything! :D

  54. Ayla, your incredibly gorgeous, and your very healthy for your age, and most defiantly NOT fat!
    I'm so proud of you for standing up for yourself and for every girl who struggles with rude, unkind, and ignorant criticisms such as the ones people have remarked to you about. Dont EVER let anyone get you down, or tell you your not good enough, Just brush it off and go on if they are that lifeless and dont have self esteem or respect for themselves. Your amazing, beautiful, and just incredible in general. We love you Ayla! Thanks for everything! oxox

  55. You are awesome, beautiful and a great inspiration to young girls. Thanks~

  56. Thanks Ayla for being a normal girl and not an anorexic set of bones. Promote healthy living. I love your show and you're probably my favorite character on it.

  57. I cannot honestly fathom how someone can look at the amazing athletic feats that your body is capable of and think even for a second that there could be anything wrong with that body. It defies logic.

  58. I don't ever leave comments but after reading this I had to. I am a 15 year old girl and I'm a sophomore in high school. I am a soccer player and we are mostly known for our strong muscular bodies but most of our muscle (and it shows) is in our legs. Especially for me I have never had small legs and it didn't help gaining about 30 pounds of muscle either. I am not fat though most girls would beg to differ but I won't let their judgment or snarky comments hurt me. I may not be as fast as all the other girls but I am just as strong if not stronger to do everything that they can. I don't worry about the number on the scale I worry about how I look. I may have my very insecure moments but I try to look past them and tell myself not to listen to anyone else's voice but mine. After reading this article I felt so pleased to know that even a celebrity could feel and react as a strongly as Ayla Kell. I just want you to know Ayla this little article it's self is inspiring I can only imagine how much more your words will touch people, thank you -Hayley

  59. So true you are honestly like the prettiest person ever and your such an amazing role model as well!

  60. Whoever said tht was soo wrong! ur really pretty and not fat!!!!! How could anyone say that!?!?!??!?!


  61. You are an accomplished dancer!!! Have these people never seen what a dancer looks like? Powerful body type, not fat, they are just a bunch of ding dongs. Hope you have some new projects in the works.

  62. Okay, I admit that I was one of those people that googled "ayla kell weight", but not for the reason you think.

    Its not often that you see a beautiful woman who isn't stick-thin on TV. It is so rare in fact, that I have no idea how big a person on TV is in real life. It is unhealthy because it completely distorts my body image. I wanted to look up your height and weight to see perhaps if I maybe would look that great on TV.

    its a calibration thing.

    and FYI, no, I would not look that great on TV