Illegal Whaling.

I don't understand how the Japanese don't understand the concept of 1. extinction and 2. a healthy functioning WORLD ecosystem. In which we rely on the ocean and every animal in that ocean. The world is a balance in which they are off-setting. No whales, no ocean, no humans. So be just a little less selfish Japan. Outlaw whaling! This isn't just extinction of a species- this is the extinction of the world as we know it. I don't have to tell you they are whaling species they aren't supposed to, in whale sanctuaries, in much larger numbers then they are supposed to. The Sea Shepherds have a show because they have nothing to hide, they are doing nothing wrong, just what the UN won't seem to enforce. The Japanese are the ones hiding it because they are breaking INTERNATIONAL laws. Where is the UN? It's difficult to want to do things peacefully, when clearly it doesn't work. I hate violence, but something has to be done before another species disappears forever.


While whales aren't my main cause, I feel strongly about it. My main concern is people. But for people we need a healthy world.


Ayla K.

"I happen to measure intelligence by the ability to live in harmony with the natural world. By this criteria, whales are far more intelligent than we are." — Paul Watson (Founder of the Sea Shepherds)

Captain. Watson: This year we're gonna go for 100%. We're gonna get on them right away and try to shut them down immediately

Japanese Reporter: Nobody can stop whaling.

Captain. Watson: That's what they said once, that you can't stop slavery. But it was stopped. Yeah, we can stop whaling.