There is a nice picture of the MIOBI girls and I!

It was a fun shoot, I hope you all enjoy!

Ayla K.



Today may have been one of the most traumatic days ever.
I took my two dogs to the vet for a routine checkup.

I walked outside with of both of them in their harnesses and on leashes.
My girldog, Kokomo, backed out of her harness and took of down the street in the middle of Culver City. She got hit by a car in the middle of the street and proceeded to keep running. I was screaming for someone to help me while running through the streets following her. But everyone just looked at me like I was crazy until I ran into two AMAZING guys who were as frantic about my lost baby as me. At this point I'm sobbing, out of breath, and still searching.

I was sure the time had come to just start searching for her body, traffic was too thick for her to survive especially since she had already been hit.

I got in my car and saw I had a missed call and a very nice man named Eric said my Kokomo had come up to his yard and was hiding right beside his gate. He was worried because she was bleeding and not taking water. I rushed over and got her back to the vet where all the other people there agreed that it was a miracle she even made it.

I could barely drive my car while I was looking for her because I was crying so hard.
But now I have my girl sitting next to me- and I couldn't have lived any other way.

Please everyone make sure you have your cell number on your dog tags.
I'm exhausted, drained, and so thrilled.

Work day tomorrow. 7 AM may kick my booty after today.

Ayla K.


Dylan G.


My best friend/brother/boy I grew up with.
He is amazing. A talented boy, dances like an insanely talltalltall Nureyev.&& I'm always happy to help promote him!

Read it! Become a fan on Facebook: Dylan Gutierrez!

Ayla K.

PS: Dyls I can't wait till you get back buddy! Text you tomorrow!


Hey everyone I'm in the Sophisticates Hairstyle's Guide!

Check it out!

Lemme know what you think!
Just training, no work tomorrow.
I needed it I've been pretty sickly.

Pictures soon I promise, things have just been so busy!

Ayla K.



It's been a while, I apologize.

Been a busy busy week.
Work and more work this week.
This Saturday I have baby shower at my house.
Sunday I got momma's day!

I ended up at Costco today.
No matter what you walk in for, you end up spending at least 3 times as much as you initially anticipated.

Learn some lines- then get to sleep!

Ayla K.