I'm making new playlists and it makes me happy.

You guys want it when I'm done?


The Zombies- Time of the Season
Gov't Mule- Soulshine
Chamber Brothers- Time has come Today

That's just 3 fantastic lesser played rock songs...

Ayla K.


Summer '11

Is going well so far. It's a bright sunny day, Teen Choice Awards are on Sunday, and I have pineapple rings galore.

I think a swim and a glass of Arnold Palmer (30% lemonade to 70% iced tea), what do you think?

Happy August!

Ayla K.


Illegal Whaling.

I don't understand how the Japanese don't understand the concept of 1. extinction and 2. a healthy functioning WORLD ecosystem. In which we rely on the ocean and every animal in that ocean. The world is a balance in which they are off-setting. No whales, no ocean, no humans. So be just a little less selfish Japan. Outlaw whaling! This isn't just extinction of a species- this is the extinction of the world as we know it. I don't have to tell you they are whaling species they aren't supposed to, in whale sanctuaries, in much larger numbers then they are supposed to. The Sea Shepherds have a show because they have nothing to hide, they are doing nothing wrong, just what the UN won't seem to enforce. The Japanese are the ones hiding it because they are breaking INTERNATIONAL laws. Where is the UN? It's difficult to want to do things peacefully, when clearly it doesn't work. I hate violence, but something has to be done before another species disappears forever.


While whales aren't my main cause, I feel strongly about it. My main concern is people. But for people we need a healthy world.


Ayla K.

"I happen to measure intelligence by the ability to live in harmony with the natural world. By this criteria, whales are far more intelligent than we are." — Paul Watson (Founder of the Sea Shepherds)

Captain. Watson: This year we're gonna go for 100%. We're gonna get on them right away and try to shut them down immediately

Japanese Reporter: Nobody can stop whaling.

Captain. Watson: That's what they said once, that you can't stop slavery. But it was stopped. Yeah, we can stop whaling.



So the 2 hour season finale was this past week, we got such a great warm response so far. Waiting to get the pick up- fingers crossed!

News soon, I promise.

Ayla K.


I happen to be-

hosting a little party for the show being on.
I hope everyone is enjoying it!
I'm in the kitchen doing clean-up, so much good food!

Wait, there is still an angel food cake AND a chocolate cake.
Oh this is good news.

Let me know what you think!!

Ayla K.



Start airing on March 28th at 9 pm!



Please help to get my Grandfather the Congressional Medal of Honor that he deserves.

Click here to sign the petition!

He was a World War II HERO and deserves to be awarded.

I love you, Gpa.
Thank you everyone who helps!

Ayla K.


"Exit Through the Gift Shop"

Oh what an interesting movie.
I have so many theories on it.

But, in related news.


Yes, MBW, you are a thief. I'm all for interpertations on art, but don't just make a stencil that copies almost exactly Banksy's style. Yes, Banksy has style. Mr. Brainwash has cut, copy, paste, print, spray.

But just like in "Exit Through the Gift Shop", I guess the joke is on you if there is a joke. And if you can do it, anyone can I guess.

Street art is it's own world. Stay special and unique, world.
I love & care about you, you giant ball of dirt capable of supporting our life forms.
Good work!

Ayla K.



Thank goodness it's Friday.

It's been a good busy week.
Got a lot done, it feels like.

One really neat thing I got to do was draw a doodle that will be auctioned off.
It's for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.
I felt very "high class" drawing something to benefit the Orchestra.
So I drew an octopus with 3D glasses to bring it back to reality.

I named it 8D.
And I don't claim to be an artist of all that is pen.
It's just fun.

Hope everyone is fantastic! More to come soon.

Ayla K.

ps. MIOBI will be back on March 28th! I shall promote the heck out of it so no one forgets.


New Year.

I know that New Years happens every year, but it still feels like a fresh start.

My resolutions are to:

1.Just be me, but better.
2.Never let anything go unfinished for more than a week.
3. To celebrate everyone else's success, no matter how big or small. Especially when I think they aren't deserving. Which can be hard sometimes.

Also, today is my dad's birthday. Happy birthday, pop-pop! I love you!

I hope everyone had a great New Years. It's 1.1.11. Let's get started.

Ayla K.