That's me!! I love it. Yes this was a legitimate Volleyball game.

Also, work at 6 am today, and 6 am again tomorrow.
Fun scenes tomorrow.

Gonna catch up on Brothers&Sisters while learning some lines.
I keep saying I'm out on this show, yet keep getting sucked back in.
Sally Field, you keep me watching.

Dinner: BBQ chicken, butternut squash puree, and mixed veggies. Successful!

Ayla K.



I want to see Disneynature's "Oceans" so badly.
It looks SO amazing, I loved "Earth".

Maybe I can fit it in this weekend.
Work Monday, until then- this couch is pretty comfortable.
Especially when I have "Why We Make Mistakes" in my hand.
It's quite an interesting book.
More soon.

Ayla K.



First day back up at work was great.
2:30 pm call for our first day back in the gym.
Spandex here I come!

It's always jarring the first time you put it on in a while.
But in no way is that stopping me from some Special K Chocolaty Delight.

Day 2 commence!

Ayla K.


Did a shoot with Teren Oddo today, it was amazing.
I can't wait to see the pictures!

First day of work tomorrow.
8:30 am call, gonna be great!
For tonight:
Going over lines, watch some Fringe, and making myself a little veggie scramble.

More tomorrow.

Ayla K.



So I'm going about my morning coffee addiction before heading out to the table read when I'm informed that MIOBI just got picked up in Russia.



T-3 days.

Ayla K.


T-4 days.

4 days till work starts up on Season 2 of MIOBI.

I'm so excited to get back into the gym.
We had training and a hair test today, so it was a good day.

I'm kinda hoping to see "How to Train Your Dragon" tonight.
Anyone seen it yet?

Beautiful day outside!

Ayla K.



Just another home improvement project.

That I had to take a few shots of.

Ayla K.


Happy Easter everyone!

A movie that should be seen by anyone who appreciates film:
It's a wonderful film starring Spencer Tracy & Katherine Hepburn. Also in it Judy Holliday, Tom Ewell, Jean Hagen, and directed by George Cukor. Originally released in 1949.

One of the things I love the most is the long-shots they do. So much gorgeous acting in those shots without any cutting away. Spencer& Katherine had such amazing chemistry and were so natural which was so different for the day. Besides the fact that had an affair, they made one of my favorite movies ever.

I also went to a movie night at a friends this past weekend.
He played "Assault on Precinct 13" in 16 mm.
It's a John Carpenter film released in 1976.
A true classic of the 70's.

Great weekend. Good time with family.
Catching up on The Soup then sleep.
Got training in the morning.

Ayla K.



It's truly astounding that life mimics art and art mimics life.
This is a story that I find inspiring.


Shannon: you are amazing. Exactly like my character Payson, you had an awful accident with a miraculous ending. I hope all the best for you!

"Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life." - Oscar Wilde 1889

Sidenote: HGTV is way too addicting.

Ayla K.