As some of you may, or may not know. I'm a huge fan of Radiohead.

Thom Yorke and I even share a birthday. Not that that makes me more of a fan, just makes me kinda a nerd for even reading his biography. Which the Wikipedia page & the Radiohead blog (Dead Air Space) are more engrossing than what should be a riveting book. But today being a gloomy week in LA, which always makes everyone think about life, pay a little more attention to the music they are listening to, and maybe even see colors a little brighter since the gray gives such a great background to every color... I'm starting a rant here.

The point of this was, hmm.
Oh right, it was mainly for me to say that I adore them.
I'm listening to OK Computer on vinyl, right after finishing the Eraser (not Radiohead, but Thom Yorke), and truly. They are geniuses.

Somehow it always seems to be the soundtrack to my life. It has a funny way of being the every-moment band. Maybe its the poetic lyrics, the haunting sound of his voice, the layers of progressions, the steady beat, or maybe that's exactly what music is supposed to be.

"Music - The one incorporeal entrance into the higher world of knowledge which comprehends mankind but which mankind cannot comprehend."-Ludwig van Beethoven

Oof, I think I had another point entirely.
But that's enough for today.
Time to flip the record.

Ayla K.


  1. hi ayla, as i can't wait for the 2nd half of the 2nd season of MIOBI, I've been googling and youtube-ing you guys. found your blog and watched some of the videos of you and the rest of the cast. and i just wanna say that i think you're so smart and i love your simplicity and confidence. you're also a very beautiful actress and find your acting very heartfelt. i'm such a big fan and i am hoping i'll see more of you on TV and the movies, too.

  2. You are absolutely right Ayla.
    Personally, I don't know you, but I think you are beautiful! Super pretty! And a great actress.
    Also, I don't think beauty is related with weight, that would be stupid, and the problem nowadays society has. And the saddest part is, those to call fat to others, are the ones who make this society so superficia, and at the end the ones who get hurt by those same standars.
    Please, don't google yourself ever again, I understand you did it for the site, but no famous person should google themselves, for the best of their sanity, because the internet is one very ugly place.
    But you are beautiful, never forget that. :)

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  4. Have to agree OK computer is an epic album, some of my favorite Radiohead is on the album. Those being Airbag and Subterranean Homesick Alien. Kid A is also another great complete album. Radiohead is one of those bands that are even better when you listen on headphones makes for a complete experience.I applaud your taste in music.

  5. What other bands do you like? What films do you like?