I dislike-

Airplane advertising.
Any plane I see dragging a banner behind it, I shall do my best to avoid that company.
And that is a promise.
I'm not gonna ever get your product BECAUSE of the fact that you waste gasoline and the quality of air for what you think helps sales.
I shall do my best, but I can't see every single air advertisement.

Just saying.

Ayla K.


  1. First of all i agree.
    Second , you did great in miobi. and your my rolemodel :)

  2. Ok, I laughed at first, but then I finished reading the post. I totally see your point. Air is precious, why waste it on advertisement? We see enough of it everywhere else.

    But here in the UK, we don't have much air ads. We use everything else...

  3. Lol. I thought you meant ads inside airplanes when I read the beginning. I think that's a creative place to stick an ad on those trays.

    But yeah... kind of pointless for those air banner things, especially since the ones I've seen they're very brief, usually a word or two.

    But, there was one that looked cool. It was a plane and the underside of it had a scrolling LED banner thing... like what you would see on the side of a blimp or something. Ever see one of those? I thought it was cool.

    But I agree, air advertising is kinda pointless.

  4. so.. now that miobi is over.. what r u up to??