New Orleans.

I just got back from NOLA, it was an amazing trip.
The city has so much heart and soul.
Not to mention: amazing. Food.

Back to work!
5: 30 AM call tomorrow.
But my new goal is to be just so appreciative of my wonderful opportunities that I don't get grumpy with our wonderful production staff & crew in the morning. Thank goodness for coffee.

We had a recent wedding in my family, therefore:
Congratulations to Suzannah & Holden!
I love you guys!

Ayla K.


  1. When will MIOBI be back on TV?

  2. I have always wanted to go to New Orleans! LUCKY girl :)

  3. I grew up an hour from new orleans so we went all the time! Hopefully you got to experience Cafe Du Monde. Since you love to cook you should learn to cook some cajun food. It will change your life!