So the 2 hour season finale was this past week, we got such a great warm response so far. Waiting to get the pick up- fingers crossed!

News soon, I promise.

Ayla K.


  1. The season finale was real good!
    It had a good positive ending! Hope u get another season!

    Love and respect

  2. I was blown away by the series finale, such a positive message and full of drama as usual. I am glued to the screen whenever MIOBI comes on. I'm addicted.
    I've even been trying to find a gymnastics club in my area that has adult classes, so I can get back into it. :D

    Hope you get another series, I love this show and it is soooo good. Can't go through so much with the characters not to see it through to the Olympics. I have to know if they make it.

    Much love.

  3. Im such a fan! I was a dancer too and you and your character are such an inspiration to me, sometimes during your scenes or parents scenes I cry because I can relate so well to your emotions, its a good cry though! haha. Anyway Great job and fingers crossed for season 3!


  4. I really hope it gets picked up for another season. Was a very good finale and dramatic!

  5. I just watched the finale! It was amazing! :)I loved the ending! Really really hope you get another 100 series! I don't know what I would do without MIOBI

  6. I loved the final finale! I just watched it and was just soo..so inspired by it! Fantastic!

  7. Very much hoping it gets picked up again! I look forward to episodes every week and seasons every time it goes off!

  8. I hope it gets picked up! I really do. I never thought I'd like Kaylie so much, or that I'd root for Kelly Parker. I'd really like to see Lauren grow more. (I've always liked Payson). :)

    Fingers crossed!!!

  9. Hope the next season gets picked up! =)

  10. I'm sitting here crossing my fingers in hopes of there being a next season. Ya'll are great actresses and I really hope to see this continue at least until all the characters make it to the Olympics.

    Also, Ayla, I loved your pics from your holiday weekend. Family fun!

  11. It was awesome, Kayla!!! It was super inspiring, and I cried sooooo much!!

    I'm just waiting for season three!

  12. When are they supposed to announce yes or no for a pick up?

  13. My friend got me hooked on the series about a week ago, just saw the finale, there has got to be another season! everyone, write impassioned letters to ABC!