Illegal Whaling.

I don't understand how the Japanese don't understand the concept of 1. extinction and 2. a healthy functioning WORLD ecosystem. In which we rely on the ocean and every animal in that ocean. The world is a balance in which they are off-setting. No whales, no ocean, no humans. So be just a little less selfish Japan. Outlaw whaling! This isn't just extinction of a species- this is the extinction of the world as we know it. I don't have to tell you they are whaling species they aren't supposed to, in whale sanctuaries, in much larger numbers then they are supposed to. The Sea Shepherds have a show because they have nothing to hide, they are doing nothing wrong, just what the UN won't seem to enforce. The Japanese are the ones hiding it because they are breaking INTERNATIONAL laws. Where is the UN? It's difficult to want to do things peacefully, when clearly it doesn't work. I hate violence, but something has to be done before another species disappears forever.


While whales aren't my main cause, I feel strongly about it. My main concern is people. But for people we need a healthy world.


Ayla K.

"I happen to measure intelligence by the ability to live in harmony with the natural world. By this criteria, whales are far more intelligent than we are." — Paul Watson (Founder of the Sea Shepherds)

Captain. Watson: This year we're gonna go for 100%. We're gonna get on them right away and try to shut them down immediately

Japanese Reporter: Nobody can stop whaling.

Captain. Watson: That's what they said once, that you can't stop slavery. But it was stopped. Yeah, we can stop whaling.


  1. While I appreciate your concern for the damage to the environment some Japanese actions do.. I suggest focusing on these american multinational corporation do first, the U.S, while it has less than 5% of the world's population, consumes over 30% of its natural resources, and has the highest obesity rate in the world (means these resources end up in the toilet), and while keeping a strict eye for environmental standards in the mainland (not really), the countries that contain these resources are very affected by the very harmful methods of extraction performed there... talk about human extinction.. :s

  2. So it is wrong to do something about a problem, just because there are also other problems? That seems to be leading to a world, where nobody does anything to make it a better place.
    And Ayla said, that this bothers her, although her main concern is people, which one could think means, that she thinks there are bigger problems, but that this is something one should think about, too.

  3. I cant even watch that show I just get to emotional, having said that I am a modern day Alaska mountain man and i don't get emotional about much since my pet moose was eaten by my neighbor but watching MIOBI on netflix this last week I shed a few tears when you learned your career was over from a broken back, Great acting WoWw.
    And i cant remember laughing so hard watching you trying to speak Spanish on 2-19..
    Ok i know i posted this in the wrong spot . eh im new at this..

  4. I like that you have very interesting things to talk about. You have great points and argue them well. I bookmarked your blog and look forward to hearing more about what you have to say especially since I've always idolized Albert Einstein and his outlooks on life as well. Even though he was a gifted physicist he did know how to live; two things many people believe contradict themselves.

    "A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?" - Albert Einstein

  5. As for example CNN points out*, slavery has just taken on different forms and new names. Trafficking, for one, strikes an astounding 50+ million people. Millions are children.

    While the slavery statement is like arguing a "band aid" solution to cancer, I do concur that "whaling" is one of mankind's shameful moments.

    * http://thecnnfreedomproject.blogs.cnn.com/

  6. I work in the shipping industry and have seen the whaling vessels first hand. It was one of the terrible things to see. It will only be stopped if the ridicules laws they use to get around the murder of an animal that is not needed to be killed.
    But don’t forget that in America and Canada still is involved in whaling. So don’t point the finger just at japan.

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  8. Did you know that it is the American people that basically let the whales into near extinction in the first place? While they-- you of all people had randomly killed thousands of thousands whales just to get fuel for ships from whale fat and dumped the rest (meat, bones, skin) -- which is still useful for the Japanese people -- as waste, the Japanese people had made very good use of them in much much smaller scale.
    So, if you could ever blame someone for their extinction, it is you yourself or your ancestors who are responsible, not the Japanese people.
    I hope you learn more about the history.

    I am your fan. Please don't be offended by this comment.