Thank goodness it's Friday.

It's been a good busy week.
Got a lot done, it feels like.

One really neat thing I got to do was draw a doodle that will be auctioned off.
It's for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra.
I felt very "high class" drawing something to benefit the Orchestra.
So I drew an octopus with 3D glasses to bring it back to reality.

I named it 8D.
And I don't claim to be an artist of all that is pen.
It's just fun.

Hope everyone is fantastic! More to come soon.

Ayla K.

ps. MIOBI will be back on March 28th! I shall promote the heck out of it so no one forgets.


  1. That's an awesome sketch! Did you know that octopuses only use 2 of their appendages as legs (to "walk" on the floor of the ocean) - and use the other 6 more as arms to hold things?

    Random, I know :)

    Anyway, I'm really looking forward to the return of MIOBI! Hope your next week is as good as this one has been.

  2. lol, nice drawing. I wonder what it tells everybody about the artist?

  3. You draw better than I do. I seriously can't draw well at all. My sister got all of that talent. I sing, act, and play an instrument, though, so I suppose she can have the drawing talent. XD

    Yay for MIOBI! I've been looking for a return date, so it's nice to have one now! Can't wait! :D

  4. Love the title and the drawing. Much better job than I could have done. :o) Oh and nobody forget MIOBI MARCH 28TH!! ;o)

  5. I consume a lot of media, and mondays are no exception, (I think I watch 3 hours worth of shows on mondays?) but nothing made me more excited than seeing a promo for Make It Or Break It today.

    I have to admit that I'm conflicted about hoping it was the end of march though... on one hand, yay MIOBI! On the other hand, essays are due... and then exams...

    I look forward to enjoying your acting skills again Ayla!

  6. Nice OCTOPUS!;)
    Hi Ayla!I've just started to watch MIOBI and find it so awesome!You guys are really super amazing and mindblowing.I love it.All the best!!!I like your everything and you're really an amazing girl.

  7. Ayla, tu es belle avec cette nouvelle couleur de cheveux.
    Au cas où tu ne comprendrais pas le français, je t'ai traduit ce petit message.

    You look FABULOUS and absolutely enchanting with your dark hair color.

    Bisous ♡