Cream Cheese Wontons

It was one of those nights. My mom said she wanted to make steak & broccoli stir fry since we recently got a wok again. I was on the appetizer, and made cream cheese wontons!

Neufchatel cheese, (1/3 less fat than cream cheese, but essentially the same, just a little more creamy so it holds up to the quick fry.) green onions, a little chili powder, wrap the triangle up with a little water on the edges, and press them down with a fork. Drop them into oil for a minute, flip em, and pull em before you burn them!! So delicious.

Ayla K.


  1. Oh man, that all sounds so good! Ayla, you are an amazing, outspoken (of course) young lady. Thank you... :)

  2. thanks for that fantastic recipe nice to see different side of you i simply luv it.......... keep posting tnz

  3. POST MORE, PLEASE! I love stumbling upon blogs of the stars of my favorite shows. Seeing the differences between the actor and the character. It's my guilty pleasure! As delicious as they look, I check your blog every day hoping I won't see wontons and that there's something new! :D

  4. Miss Kell: While I am not much of a fan of TV, I am most certainly a fan of brains and beauty, qualities you seem to possess in abundance. Congratulations on your success.

    I hate to be a bother, but would you ask your folks to drop by my Blog and say hello? It has been far too long since last we met.

    I hope you continue to write throughout your career. There is magic in writing and it is my belief that we can never have enough magic. It turns the World, I think.

    Tim Joe Comstock


  5. You know, the problem with living in Spain is that you cannot find stuff like that at the supermarket... if I try to cook that, I will end up with a boring, diet version of it. But you enjoy it, it looks awesome! :D

    I may stick around your blog, it looks nice...

  6. hi ayla i hav send you message on fb i be happy if u can help me :)my email is mvdemircan@aol.com

  7. by the way you cooking look amazing :) im sure they all taste great

  8. Hi Ayla, payson is my FAVOURITE tv character ever and I was really worried that you would be mean ad nasty but now reading your blog I am so happy because you are even nicer than payson!!!!!!! <3 thank u so much for being down to earth and normal :-)